"About two years ago I was living in an apartment and I was ready to stop paying rent and put my money toward my own equity. Paying for apartments out here was expensive and I found that it's more affordable to pay for a home than it is to rent. I was looking for something that had a spacious backyard for my pups to run around in. And it had to have at least 3 bedrooms, and a big enough kitchen space. For now, I live in it with one other person that I lease a room out to.


It was my first time buying a home, so I was definitely nervous about all of it! All of the actual home languages were new for me on the financial and contract sides. Luckily, I had a great lender and an amazing realtor to help me out. Both of these women were patient with me and happy to answer any of the questions that I had.


As soon as I bought the house, I knew right away that I would want to do some of my own projects. I worked on homes for a long time and I have a creative and designer mind, so I was looking forward to making this house my own. And I've already done a ton! The bathroom interior, I finished all the trim, ceilings, and walls, I replaced and painted the siding of the house, did some electrical work, gotten a whole new privacy fence for the backyard and built a tile outdoor patio! And I'm not done yet ;)

My office is my favorite room in the house. This is where I spend the majority of my day since I work from home. So, it was the first room that I fully fleshed out to finish.


Working with Amanda was really great. My favorite part is that she was a friend first. I met her through our gym, and we got along well there, which naturally lead to us talking about helping me find my first home. She was able to work with me and find programs to make house buying extremely easy. She won't let you put yourself in a sticky situation, gave her honest opinion about what would work for me and reminded me what my goals were during the process. She's a friend and a realtor in one and she knows how to get the job done!"

Work With Amanda

Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate in the Denver Metro area. It's not the same everywhere; you need someone you can trust for current market information.

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