"At the beginning of 2021, I decided I had about a year to find a place before I would be in a position to sign another lease and have to rent again. I have always lived around Cheesman Park, so I really wanted to land in Congress Park. With the Botanic Gardens, City, Cheesman, Congress Parks in walking distance and East Colfax so close by it’s always been my favorite part of town.  I lived in Congress Park during the peak of the pandemic and I was blown away by the neighborhood; how people showed up for each other. This will always have a place in my heart. 

More than anything I was looking for something with charm. I love old buildings. I was hoping for a garage because I needed a place to store my bikes, corn hole sets, camping and outdoor equipment, etc, but that felt like a long shot.  It was also really important for me to find a place with outside space and lots of natural light. 


Living on a social work income, and becoming a new home owner, I had my doubts going into the process. I really didn't think that I'd be able to afford much of anything, let alone something I'd actually like. I was very worried that I'd end up in a neighborhood I didn't want to be in. But I felt that if I didn't buy now, I would quickly get priced out of the Denver housing market all together.

When I told Amanda my concerns, she informed me about the Bank of America down payment program. I applied and qualified based on my income. This opened doors for me that would have been otherwise closed. I continue to be incredibly grateful that Amanda told me about this opportunity. She opened up doors for me that I never knew existed.


Opening my home to my family and having it be a home away from home for my sister has been the most meaningful aspect of becoming a homeowner. For her,  life was uprooted when she took a flight-to-life from Durango to Denver with her son. This was only 4 days after I moved into my condo. 

During their time at the hospital, my home became hers. Being able to draw her a bath, cook for her, sit with her, and have her be able to come and go as she needed to in between hospital stays, meant everything to me. To do that in my home vs. a rental made a difference. To create a space that was ours when it needed to be, a space that could hold her and be hers as well during such a difficult time mattered.


Working with Amanda couldn’t have gone better. The searching and buying process  is stressful to say the least, but she was unflappable. She brings a calm and grounded energy that helps regulate very dysregulating experiences. We had the strongest offer because of her knowledge, expertise and insight. We got the condo because of her. I trusted her completely.  She's not self-serving, she's in it on behalf of her client's best interest and their goals. Amanda is authentic, incredibly easy to be with,  down to earth, knowledgeable and confident. She's  incredible  at what she does.


I've had countless mornings when I wake up with the sun coming through my windows and I feel so deeply grateful to be exactly where I am. In this space, this condo, in this neighborhood in Denver, in my home. Amanda helped me find everything I was looking for in a home. I could never thank her enough for that! "

Work With Amanda

Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate in the Denver Metro area. It's not the same everywhere; you need someone you can trust for current market information.

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