Sallie & Kris

Sallie & Kris

"We started looking for a house when we were about three/four months pregnant. We really wanted  to move out of our apartment and get a house with more space and a yard for our dog Lucie and growing family. Our biggest 'wish' was an open kitchen/living space so we can still feel present, even when preparing meals. We also wanted it to be located close to Kris' gym, as this is a home base where a lot of his (and our) time is spent, as well as where our community stems from.


We were a little nervous finding a place in our timeframe, because we wanted to move before the baby was born! So that was less than five months... And as first time home buyers, the ridiculous market gave us a bit of concerns as well. We put in about five offers, but eventually we got a winner!


Our favourite room is definitely our living/kitchen space, just as we hoped it would be. Because it is open, Luka can be playing in the living room while I am cooking dinner and Kris is working on his computer at the dining room table. It turned out perfect. And our covered back porch and backyard is a dream for an energy filled toddler ;)

This house is already filled with beautiful memories: all of Luka's firsts! First time bringing him home, first bath, first steps, first time meeting grandma & grandpa. We can't wait for it to be filled with years of firsts to come.


During the process Amanda was upfront and honest. She was direct and did a great job to ensure we were informed and happy with your decision. She worked really hard to make sure she was well-informed on the house and all the nitty gritty details that we would not have known otherwise. We are so happy with our home and have Amanda to thank for!"

Work With Amanda

Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate in the Denver Metro area. It's not the same everywhere; you need someone you can trust for current market information.

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