Michele & Kris

Michele & Kris

"Kris and I were living in a downtown Denver apartment when COVID hit and started to consider purchasing a home in order to have more space and begin building equity in real estate. We quickly crunched some numbers and realized that our monthly mortgage would actually be cheaper than the rent we were paying at our apartment.

We had our mind set on Sloan's Lake or the Highlands, due to still having close proximity to downtown and having many options for a new build townhome in those areas. Why a new townhouse? Having a rooftop deck, no yard maintenance and there is no interior renovations needed. Perfect! We were also looking for additional space to work from home and storing all our outdoor/sports gear. Our 1 bedroom apartment was getting way too crammed! We also were on the hunt for a townhome that was built to support a hot tub on the roof deck - I know this was very specific and I think Amanda thought we were crazy.


Hearing stories from friends who have purchased within the prior few years, we were nervous to begin the process, expecting it to take many months, numerous bids, and likely having to compromise on desired home features. We were buckling up for a long and potentially frustrating process of spending many evenings/weekends touring homes.

This was quite quickly resolved due to Amanda's thorough knowledge of the market and understanding exactly what we were looking for; Kris and I scoured Zillow for days and found a few options, but for various reasons, both of them had deal-breaker components. Amanda suggested another property that we had never even seen online before. And this of course ended up being the townhome that we purchased. We both knew before even finishing the tour that it was the perfect fit for us. Our concerns about the home buying process quickly turned to how we were going to get out of our apartment lease a lot earlier that we expected!"


It's been two years since we've moved in and we really love living here. Especially our rooftop deck is a favorite! We have had so much fun making the deck an awesome outdoor entertaining area and having friends over to BBQ,  hang out in the hot tub, watch sports games and enjoy the mountain view. And the neighborhood community is really wonderful. Since our 12 units were new builds, everyone moved in at the same time and quickly began to hang out together. We have made some of our closest friends here.


Throughout the rest of the home purchase process, Amanda was attentive, quick to answer all of our questions and did not let any of our inspection concerns go unaddressed. We can't thank her enough for the smoothest home search/purchase process as we never thought we'd find a place in our ideal location in Denver without having to get into countless bidding wars or spend months touring properties. Thanks to Amanda, it only took us ONE day :)"

Work With Amanda

Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate in the Denver Metro area. It's not the same everywhere; you need someone you can trust for current market information.

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